If you are feeling down today...........?

Answer I was till I read the rest of your question. If laughter is the best medicine then bring it on and I hope I can keeping laughing till the end of my days. Cheers for that.

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How are u feeling today?

I'm in pain, but otherwise I'm doing alright. How about you?

How to stop feeling so down?

Who cares if you werent invited to some party, the person throwing it was prolly stuck up. Partys arent of like major importance you would just go an hangout an talk to people. Itd say prom is more... Read More »

Is Facebook down today everywhere today?

Maybe yours was just down for a while, i think its working fine now, atleast mine is

I am feeling lucky today, Google?

The answer is yes. Since you are feeling lucky, finding good fortune is within Google's feature set. Type Ctrl-☽ on your laptop keyboard into the Google Search field. Click, "I'm feeling lucky... Read More »