If you are both 15 and your partner is pregnant can you be kept apart?

Answer yes, unfortunally you can. And things like that happen every day where the parents separate the couple.

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If your partner ended up paralysed from the neck down and was kept alive by machines?

if it was me paralysed from the neck down I'd want my partner to turn off the machine, but I honestly don't know if I could do it for him. I just hope I'm never in that situation

How to Fight With Your Partner So You Both Win?

All couples belong to what can be called The Fight Club because, they all fight. Couples that don’t fight are the ones that therapists worry most about. In fact, couples who do not fight have dou... Read More »

What should you do if you and your girlfriend are both seniors in high school and you are both 17 and she is now pregnant and she wants to keep the baby but you don't know what to do?

Answer As hard as it is for you both, you need to both see each set of your parents and tell them. Soon you will be 18 and can do as you please. Of course your parents will be upset, but they'll ... Read More »

How to Get Pregnant if Your Partner Had a Vasectomy?

Unlike a tubal ligation, there are several workarounds for a vasectomy.This article is for couples who have recently joined in a partnership. Not for those looking to "trap" a partner.Past decision... Read More »