If you are addicted to eating Johnson pure corn starch baby powder and now you are pregnant is it harmful to the baby and you?

Answer Answer I am not sure why anyone would eat corn starch, although there is a condition associated with pregnancy called Pica. Pica is the strange cravings that some women get during pregnancy. Women ... Read More »

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Will eating baby powder while pregnant harm your baby?

yeah that's a good answer would you? Umm how much are you planning to eat? If it has already happened how much did you consume? Oh how I hope you're kidding on this one but srsly no prbly not. ... Read More »

Will eating talcum powder while pregnant harm your baby?

Answer It probably isn't a good idea. It's a compulsive behavior that should probably be investigated. Maybe you should talk to a counselor to see what can be done to help you.

Is it harmful for a baby to accidentally eat baby powder?

It's best to avoid eating baby powder. You won't fall over and die in a couple hours, but it can cause cancer, tumors, and generally messes up our system. To answer you question, yes it's harmful ... Read More »

Is it harmful to eat baby powder?

Eating Baby Powder:Various responses from WikiAnswers contributors:Eating nonfood items like laundry starch is a normal human behavior referred to by professionals as "pica." People have been known... Read More »