If you are a virgin, never had a period and masturbate can you be pregnant?

Answer you cant be pregnant if you havent had sex.

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You were drunk and cant remember if you had sex or not. You were on your period and 3 days on you feel dizzy and weak. You were or are a virgin and are 17. Does that mean that you could be pregnant?

you can get pregnant whether its the first or 569457698-45 time to have sex. you won't know until two weeks for sure.YOu are definitely not pregnant if you are a virgin though. unless semen got anw... Read More »

How can I masturbate when im on my period?

Well, wash your hands lay on your back with a towel under you, and put a mirror a distance away from your vagina... And if you see blood make sure you have pads beside you. It will stop the bleedin... Read More »

Is it ok to masturbate during your period?

Not only is it ok it is also helpful for the cramps you have during your period. It releases tension and calms nerves and your body doesn't have such painful cramps.

Why do everytime i masturbate.... I skip my period!!?

At 13, your period isn't even regular yet.