If you are a recovering METH addict, what keeps you clean and sober?

Answer Jessica-I am a distributor of a device called the Alpha-Stim. It has enormous success in helping people like yourself de-tox and stay clean.They have found that drug users have abnormal brain wave... Read More »

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Are you a vegetarian or a recovering meat addict?

vegan!I've been vegetarian for 8 months and vegan for 6 months.i love the cheese/dairy substitutes health food stores have. im still a pizza addict though, just with vegan cheese and no meat.:D

My boyfriend just smoked crack last weekend. He is a recovering addict. What do I do now?

You need to be away from him until he is ready to deal with it himself. if you think he is a danger to himself, call the cops. if you are underage, speak to a person in authority.

Can you use something to clean out your system for meth while pregnant?

Yes you can and the best and most effective method to rid your system of meth while pregnant is admitting that you are a drug addict with absolutely no respect or concern for your unborn child and ... Read More »

I'm sober, it's 10:30 and haven't gone to bed sober for years, how do I get to sleep?

watch gltterball gauranteed ten mins you will be asleep lmao