If you are a co-owner of a car do both owners need to carry liability insurance?

Answer file with your insurance company and they will deal with your neighbors insurance policy.

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If you buy a car in another state can the previous owner cancel their insurance before you get home or do you need to register the car in both states?

Answer It's not likely due to the fact that the company would consider the person a high risk. In most states it would not be legal to insure a nonlicensed driver. In many cases person's who have a... Read More »

Do you need liability insurance for a nonprofit community social club with about 40 members that meets both around town and in a nursing home all-purpose room?

I doubt it but you should contact a local agent and discuss what risks there could be for your group, and if a policy is necessary.

Why are you advertising AIG insurance company as THE provider of non-owner auto liability insurance when the do NOT sell such coverage?

AIG, like most other companies, will only sell this coverage in conjunction with either a general liablity policy or a commercial auto policy. It is not available as a stand-alone coverage.

If a new resident at an apartment building falls near an entrance and is injured does the apartment owners liability insurance cover expenses or is this considered your own home with no liability?

It really depends where one fell. If it was in your own apartment, that would be your problem. If you slipped & fell on their sidewalk or tripped in a pothole on the common grounds, you could fil... Read More »