If you are a banned driver, can you sit in the passenger seat of a person holding a provisional license?

Answer You are no longer a qualified driver for the period of disqualification. As the Road traffic Act stands a provisional licence holder (learner) needs supervision from a qualified driver who has held... Read More »

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Does the supervising driver need to sit in the front passenger seat?

In NZ, where I live, sitting in the front passenger seat is standard practice.

What kind of driver's license is required for an 18-passenger van in New York?

In New York State, any individual wishing to drive a vehicle that transports 16 or more passengers must possess a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), as set forth in the law passed on October 27, 19... Read More »

Do I (the Driver) get a ticket if my passenger isn't wearing their seat belt in California?

CVC 27315 (d) (1) A person shall not operate a motor vehicle on a highway....The offense is not "not wearing a seat belt" (the passenger's fault.)The offense is operating the vehicle with unrestra... Read More »

Where can I find my driving license number I have both parts of my provisional license to hand.?

It will start with with the first 5 letters of your surname, followed by your date of birth in reverse.