If you are a baby can get the swine flu?

Answer Yes. Anybody is suceptible to catching the virus.

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If a woman is pregnant and she has the swine flu will the baby inside of her catch the swine flu too?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US have released information for pregnant and breastfeeding women, a link is provided below in the related links section. It is as yet unknown... Read More »

Can you catch swine flu from a baby?

The baby would be more likely to get it from you, especially if they are under six months old, since they can not take vaccines for influenza until after that age. But the answer is yes, they can g... Read More »

What could happen to my baby if it gets the swine flu jag?

Nothing. Even the best antiviral drugs around today can only slightly reduce the infection time, usually only by a day or two. In 5-10% of children given the antiviral drugs there have been reports... Read More »

Can swine flu be deadly for a 6 month pregnant woman and the baby?

Pregnant women are at higher risk of developing complications from the H1N1/09 flu virus. They already have stress on their immune systems from the pregnancy and adding illness to that can leave th... Read More »