If you are 60-80 yrs old What new technology came out when you were a teen?

Answer TV, color TV, semiconductors, designer drugs ...When my grandparents were teens, things like running water, indoor plumbing and gas lights were new (the Civil War hadn't been over that long).

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What shows were popular when TV's first came about?

I Love Lucy is perhaps the most popular television show of all time. It came out a few years after televsion became popular. Other popular tv shows were The Honeymooners, Father Knows Best, and The... Read More »

I had an abortion in start of September and its now end of December and i notice when my husband and i were fooling around he was being rough very and some yellow milk came out of my breast?

most likely just leftover breast development from the pregnancy. Nothing to do with the abortion.If it continues though, see your doctor...***I think that you and your husband dont need to be fooli... Read More »

What Were Different Reasons People Came to Live in America?

The first inhabitants of North America, the Native Americans, are likely descendants of a nomadic people who came to North America in pursuit of game. Non-nomadic people, though, are typically relu... Read More »

In torchwood what were the names of the people who came though the rift?

if you mean the episode out of time then it is Dianne , Emma and john they came through the rift in a plane. if not maybe you are talking about captain john hart who came through to cause havoc and... Read More »