If you are 3cm dialated how soon will labor come?

Answer When your baby is ready. Dilation is no indicator of labor.

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You are 4cm dialated and 80 effaced how long before labor can start?

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I am 34 weeks and dialated to a 1 and was wanting to know if it would be ok to drink castor oil to go into labor?

Answer If the baby has reached full term and you are pretty much ready to deliver, a little castor oil probably won't hurt. Many people claim that this is a valid and helpful way to facilitate deli... Read More »

You are 38 wks 1 cm dialated 50 effaced and she is at -2 station with my first child do you think you have long before i go into labor?

Will labor come soon if you are 38 weeks ad 2 cm dialated but not effaced and you have lost your mucus plug?

Answer Especially if this is your first pregnancy, your body could take an unpredictable amount of time to get ready for labor. Generally, loss of the mucus plug means labor will start soon, but ... Read More »