If you are 33 weeks pregnant and pierced your nose should you take it out?

Answer Answer No, there is no reason to take it out. However, the delivery room nurses may ask you take it out. When you are in a hospital it's adviseable to leave all valuables at home (that could inc... Read More »

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Please help. My nose bled in the shower and I'm 7 weeks pregnant?

Audra, sweetie, I used cocaine all through my last pregnancy and I was fine. The baby turned out alright too. All of those warnings about not using drugs or alcohol when you're pregnant are just bu... Read More »

Can i get my nose pierced and belly buttton pierced at 14 with my parent in NH?

I live in New Hampshire, and I'm fourteen and I got my belly button pierced in Hudson about a month ago with my mom c: most of the places I got in touch with said you have to be sixteen or eighteen... Read More »

After you get your nose pierced is the top of the stud supposed to lay flat against your nose?

I got my nose pierced three years ago and they used some sort of diamond type studd. It always stayed lifted up at the top, mine never did go down and I eventually got used to it. after a few month... Read More »

How to Get Your Nose Pierced?

Nose piercings are a fashionable piercings that aren't gender segregated and are increasingly socially acceptable. Better yet? They're versatile and hurt a lot less than an ear or a lip piercing.