If you are 12 years old can you get a girl pregneant?

Answer Possibly so. If you have started puberty. Why are you having sex already? You need to grow and mature in mind, body, and soul before making such an important decision! Don't just let your "feelings... Read More »

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How late can a girl be before you should worry if shes pregneant?

If you're more than a few days late, you should probably get a home pregnancy test... for your own peace of mind at the least.

109 pounds, 5'3" and 13 years old (girl)?

Good weight..maybe underweight if anything.

16 years old girl co uld be pregnant?

as soon as you start having your period you can get pregnantbe safe use protection

Bedroom for 6 years old girl?

You can paint the walls and the ceiling with blue light paint, and you can use stencils for paint some Glow in the Dark stars.