If you already have a navy rotc scholarship can you transfer it to an air force rotc scholarship?

Answer Yes. You're still subject to the eligibility requirements of any university you're attending.

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Do the air force rotc give allowance to non-scholarship students?

They are not the same. There is no such university as London School of Business - there is only London Business School, which is one of the best business schools in the world and it is a constitue... Read More »

If you have a 3.0 GPA a 30 on the act and a 2000 on the sat is it possible for you to get a scholarship from the us air force rotc and your physical ability is very well?

Yes. There are many ways to become an officer for each branch. One is an Academy, another is ROTC, Officer Candidate School, among others. You may enlist first.

You are a contracted but non-scholarship smp cadet in army rotc if you quit rotc what happens to you?

i don't know about the non-scholarship part, but if u are in smp you have signed a Contract with the Guard or Reserves, not ROTC. This means if you quit or get kicked out of ROTC you still have an ... Read More »

How to Get an ROTC Scholarship?

Getting an ROTC scholarship is both the easiest and hardest thing you can ever do. The process is nearly automatic, but qualifying requires commitment and effort.