If you added pool care shock to your pool with hard water and it turned a brownish color how can you fix it?

Answer AnswerI added a copper-based algecide to our pool. Then 12 hours later, I shocked to pool. Our pool water turned a chocolate brown. What happended was the algecide was copper-based, and the copper ... Read More »

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What do you put in the pool to eliminate the rust when you fill a 15' x 42 inch pool with city hard water?

AnswerIt's very tough to remove rust stains if they are already established. It sounds like you have an aboveground pool, possibly purchased at Canadian Tire. You can use a sequestering agent (such... Read More »

Why Is Chlorine Added to Drinking Water and Swimming Pool Water?

Chlorine is one of the most abundant of the 92 naturally occurring elements found on our planet. It is highly reactive, so it readily combines with other elements to make a variety of different com... Read More »

Why can't you use household bleach to shock the pool since it has the same active ingredient as the stuff at the pool place sodium hyptaclorite?

Answer Because bleach is only 5% sodium hyptochlorite, while the chlorine you buy at the pool store is about 96%. Answer well household bleach is 3 to 6% sodium hypochlorite, The pool stuff is 10.5... Read More »

How to Add Shock Pool Treatment to Well Water?

A common method used for sanitizing well water is the introduction of large amounts of chlorine into the system. Called "shock chlorination," this method treats bacterial contamination in home wate... Read More »