If you accidently sucked someone else's blood.. (like sucking their finger to help it better)?

Answer It's very unlikely, but it depends on their blood.If they have an infection in their blood, or AIDS or something, then in theory you could catch it - it's not definite that you would though. But i... Read More »

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Can you get HIV from a blood sucking bug?

I believe it to be very possible but it would be a rarity.HIV is a very horrible disease and a horrible way to die.I know this as I worked in Hospice care at a hospital'It is believed by some that ... Read More »

I went to the doctor and i told him about touching someone elses blood and he said i wouldnt have hiv?

Listen to the Doctor. Blood has to be transfered into your body by a cut. Stop being silly, How do you know that the blood you touched was HIV.You need to get out more and stop focusing on yourself.UK

Can you get aids by touching ur blood to someone elses blood even if neither ppl have aids?

No you can not catch aids by doing that BUT, if two guys who don't have aids stick it in each others butt you can catch aids.

Why are TC DC blood tests are conducted by pricking the finger while other blood tests r not done tht way?

Actually u have misunderstood the concept... Know some facts about this which will clear ur doubts... 1) TC is total count or the number of WBCs/ white blood cells per cubic mm of blood2) DC is dif... Read More »