If you accidentally give babies honey what happens?

Answer Honey should not be fed to infants younger than 1 year old. Clostridium bacteria that cause infant botulism usually thrive in soil and dust. However, they can also contaminate certain foods - honey... Read More »

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Why shouldn't you give babies under one honey?

a bacteria present in honey that babies do not have a resistance botulism

I accidentally swallowed a battery can anyone give me advice?

If what you're saying is true, then you need to go to the Emergency Room immediately, you could be in serious trouble.If you made this up to be funny, then you're an idiot.

Can I give my child honey?

Honey shouldn't be given to a child who is less than 12 months old. Honey contains the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, which can cause botulism to form in the intestines of an infant. Botulism affe... Read More »

What does a rose flower give to a honey bee?

When a honey bee goes to a flower, it goes to collect the pollen. This is called mutualism between the two species because they are both helped by their interaction. The bee gains pollen in which i... Read More »