If you KNEW your meat was cruelty free, would you eat it?

Answer I am fortunate enough to have my own hens (Nugget, Cheddar, Henabelle and Henrietta), and my own lovely cow, Abigail. I consider their eggs and milk enough of a gift-no need to kill them for food.... Read More »

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Would you eat meat if it could be produced entirely without cruelty?

Three things come to mind -- Is it ethical to play God?- I never really liked meat when I did eat it.- There are still health hazards to eating meat.

CARNIVORES: Would you give up meat if you knew it could save millions of people?

I'm already a vegetarian, so I suppose I can't really respond to your question.I found this fascinating and informative, but I do have one nitpick/question: "The 110,000 slaughtered every year in t... Read More »

If you could see the future & knew your marriage would end up like your parents, would you get married?

No I don't think I would bother. I really hope it isn't. I know it sounds cliche and not possible but I want the PERFECT marriage. For me to love him and for him to love me back. A marriage based o... Read More »

Vegetarians! would pop tarts be on your list if you knew the world would end tomorrow?

They would be at the bottom of my list, if at all. I would have a delicious Asian banquet with my family and friends. And a few large joints.