If you Had a baby at 15 and now you are 18 what are your rights to your baby?

Answer I'm not sure I follow, do you have custody of your child now? Mothers have the same rights to their child regardless of their age. Even as minors they are the ones deciding what will happen to the ... Read More »

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What is the TV episode where any women who has a baby the baby ends up with deformities and shortly dies afterwards and the world is threatened with extinction until one couple has a successful baby?

What rights does the father of your baby have?

Answer every right you have unless you take him to court and have the judge tell him what his rights are as the father and unless he's not doing anything for the baby don't even try to go to court... Read More »

How to Relinquish Rights to a Baby?

Some circumstances in life can render parents unable to care for a baby. These situations are very delicate and painful for most people, and many times parents choose to relinquish rights to their ... Read More »

What are the rights once the baby is born?

Answer Rights for who. For the baby, they have the right to be taken care of properly, to be warm, safe , clean, fed, happy , healthy and much more because they didnt ask to be here. Now the right... Read More »