If Wikipedia was a book how big would it be?

Answer only a mile thick

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If wikipedia was a book, how big would it be?

How thick of a book would Wikipedia be?

Assuming no special formatting, and that images and tables took up only as much space as their text representation (much smaller than they actually are), where each page contained 8000 characters, ... Read More »

Did you know that book burners are trying to destroy wikipedia go there and see?

There are two bills currently working their way through the United States House of Representatives and Senate that would be harmful to the Internet as a whole. The bills propose a fundamental chang... Read More »

Does it help or hurt John Broughton's book to be on Wikipedia?

I don't think it hurts, though it depends on what you mean by "hurt." The effect on sales will probably be minimal, since no one in their right mind would have bought such a book anyway, regardless... Read More »