If websites like limewire are illegal then why haven't they been shut down?

Answer Limewire itself isn't illegal but downloading copyrighted files from Limewire without paying for them IS illegal. And also, files downloaded from Limewire are liable to contain viruses. I installed... Read More »

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If Limewire is illegal why hasn't the site been shut down?

well Limewire itself isn't illegal, but people can use it to download copyrighted material illegally. So technically they haven't done anything wrong. It's like using a car to commit a crime - it... Read More »

Is limewire illegal if you pay for it?

On One Hand: Non-Copywritten MaterialLimewire is a file-sharing software that is legal to download and own. It is available in two versions, basic and Pro. The Limewire software legally allows user... Read More »

Who uses Limewire, and is it Illegal?'s illegal to download things from it but limewire is not illegal...get me?and no, i don't use it.

Limewire Illegal!?

Yes, using anything to download music without paying for it is illegal. Really, how can you possibly not know that? If you have to pay for it in a store or via iTunes, but can get it for free via... Read More »