If we were intimate whilst I was using Flamin' hot Cheetos...?

Answer Look it happens. Once I inadvertently stuck a whole Tex Mex chicken wing in. The situation is irretrievable at that point. Just drop what you're doing and run.

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Can i drive whilst using my handsfree phone kit?

YES you can.However, the state is looking at the stealth tax for driving without due care and attention while using the hands free.But dont worry, its virtually unenforceable.......unless you were ... Read More »

For Any1 Who Has Had A Baby Whilst Using Clomid...?

I dont have a success story but i want to get prego with clomid!! i am on my 6th cycle - ARGH! fingers crossed xxxxbubbacheeno dust xxx

What were your funniest food cravings whilst pregnant?

With my first I craved Vinegar... I used to wake up at 3am and have to get a slice of bread SOAK it in vinegar and eat it with salt and vinegar crisps!! Now he is 6 years old, and every time he swe... Read More »

Swelling of good ankle whilst using crutches?

This is very common. Its because the other ankle is having to do effectively double the work and take more of the load. I had this problem when I broke my ankle last year and was on crutches, my 'g... Read More »