If we have a light in the fridge why don't we have one in the freezer?

Answer That is a very good point, however I am informed that a friends sister has one - we just can't remember what brand of fridge it is...maybe an Amana. GE Profiles do as well.And while many do, many c... Read More »

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Do you have to let the gas settle in a new fridge freezer?

Yes you do, let it settle over night then plug it in, that should give you plenty of time!

I have a upright freezer and a fridge neither one freezes my ice cream it is always soft.?

Neither one is working correctly. Check seals, where the units are. It's heating up where I'm at and in a garage, a fridge or freezer that's not working very well can be put over the edge and break... Read More »

Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer?

so you can see all the disgusting concoctions left in the back of the fridge in the freezer you can get the draws out

Why does the refrigerator have a light but the freezer doesn't?

Frozen bulb would explode when heated. More Info: Side by side fridges have light bulbs in freezer compartments and do not blow up. Same is true for bottom freezer units with a fridge on top. To... Read More »