If we have 500gb hard disk then what ram should we have?

Answer No need to worry. They operate very differently. Hard Drive - stores data permanently (so that you can unplug your computer from the wall -- or shut it down).Memory - stores data in volatile state ... Read More »

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I have a dell laptop with 200GB hard disk and I have installed windows 7.?

Read the Link carefully. I suggest you make sure you have a recovery disc made of your present Operating system though.…

I have 30 mini DV tapes of raw footage - should its backup be on mini DV or hard disk?

Holy crap! 30 tapes? You need approx. 540 GB of storage, then some more for editing.You'd need a lot of hard drive space. How do you plan on editing without the entire collection of tapes on a har... Read More »

If you already have baby hamsters and they are only 3 weeks and then somehow you have more what should you do?

There are many possibilities, you can give some to friends or acquaintances, you can sell them on ebay, you can give them to the animal shelter, and many more.

Then how can krillin have powers to do detructo disk?

In Dragonball Z everyone has Ki energy inside of them. If you watch towards the start of Majin Buu Saga, Gohan teaches Videl how to fly using Ki energy. Goku and Krillin trained with Master Roshi f... Read More »