If water is tasteless, Why does it taste so good ?

Answer Water tastes good when it has minerals in it.Ever notice how bottled water tastes like plastic? From Aqueduct Magazine:"Water should have a positive taste," von Wiesenberger said. "There shouldn't ... Read More »

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Why is it that when I am hungover, water taste horrible Other times water taste great?

You need to brush your teeth.Merely washing your mouth out with a different taste doesn't clean scum off.

How can i make water taste good?

A squeeze of lemon juice into it takes away the bland taste.

Does "Purified water" taste nasty compared to "Spring Water"?

spring water is enriched with all kinds of nutrients, while purified has most of them taken out. the bad taste you have with purified water isn't something tasting bad, it's just something that you... Read More »

Does bottled water taste better than tap water?

seriously yes in my case, honestly my water even my shower smells like pot, I'm not kidding, it's really weird, so in my case yes!