If u see this question could you please answer it?

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Could I get professional hairstylists to answer this question?

I would say go to a beauty school if you don't have the money. They can be good prices and instructors are there to help. Don't use box color!!! It's bad for your hair and if you don't want to use ... Read More »

Please answer this question?

Does Saki Sterling means blossoming little stars? If yes,then I like it and I like orange kids too and kids garden also.

ANSWER this question please!!!!!!!!!!?

nothing tell them to gas ya. im jeaolus i need one of those tanks at my bedside

Hi Vegans could you answer this please :-)?

Yes, there is PLENTY that you can eat, especially if you like to cook and like experimenting. I went vegan about 4 months ago, and never in my meat-eating days did I have so MANY options in my diet... Read More »