If u knew somehow that u will die next week, what will u do in ur remaining days?

Answer pray to god and search for a religion that will make me go to heaven like Islam

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If you knew you would be dead in a week, how would you spend your time?

I would spend every moment with my family. I would make sure each person knew how much I loved them, and I would try to make great memories for them so they'd smile when they thought of me.

I just updated my Avast Antivirus to version 8.0.1483, and it says i have 59 days remaining for registration?

When that 59 days are over you will just need to put in your email address again, and you will be registered with avast again and that will reset the count down to a year again.

Does anyone know of any part time jobs that would allow a person to work two week days a week?

A fast food place may let you do that. They hire many students, that can just work on weekends. You could do alright.

Can you be pregnant after having light bleeding for three days and then a week later you had spotting for two days and you've been feeling like you're going to throw up?

Answer No, I have the same problem. I'm 13. For me, it just means that I'm either sick, or just having an abnormal period. Hey, it happens. But just in case, take a pregnancy test. Don't rely on th... Read More »