If u knew somehow that u will die next week, what will u do in ur remaining days?

Answer pray to god and search for a religion that will make me go to heaven like Islam

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Will a refridgerator work if it is layed on it's side or will that mess up the compressor somehow?

Lay a frig on it*s side to move it but not leave it there permantly, that will mess it up.When you get to where you are moving, you should let it stand upright and not plug it in for 24 hours.Son ... Read More »

Are there any early warning signs or indicators that you will be going into labor within the next couple of days?

Answer I never had any early signs. I just went into labour. The earliest signs you will get is sharp pains or cramping, loss of mucus plug, water breaking, or leaking fluid. Hope that helps

What plant will grow on my son's grave that doesn't need everyday care and will return next spring?

How about a mixture of spring/ summer bulbs? The people who tend the grounds won't mow over them and damage them when not in bloom. They require little if any maintenance, and if you get the NATU... Read More »

What will the update go to be in the next week rs?

rs? = runescape? since that was one of your question I answered was about that game.Same response from me. Go ask in the runescape forums -…Log in to your ... Read More »