If u have your LCD TV & computer etc. plugged into a surge protector strip?

Answer A surge protector doesn't use any power, its what's plugged into it. If adaptors are plugged in, they are still using power when the equipment is turned off, so if you want to save electricity, unp... Read More »

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If I plug a surge protector into a surge protector, do I get double the protection?

Incredible! What a load of crap! Alpha sector of a circuit breaker???The only answer I can agree with, says he's an electrical engineer, but the reason I agree with him is because he's basically ... Read More »

What do you do if you plugged your iPod into your computer and it froze?

Answer unplug it from your computer and hold the center button and the play button at the same time until the screen turns off make sure the hold button is in the off position meaning the orange is... Read More »

I Have a Surge Protector That Doesn't Allow for Non 3 Prong Plugs?

there are no such thing as surge protectors that don't allow non 3-prong plugsif your plug is a 2-prong, it will fit just as easily as if its a 3-prong, but you just won't use the grounding prong.

How to Get a BlackBerry Plugged Into a Computer?

Your BlackBerry smartphone is, in many ways, like a small computer that you can carry around wherever you go. At times, you may wish to connect the BlackBerry to a traditional computer, either to ... Read More »