If u have a question use google first?

Answer I KNOW!!! people ask the most stupidest questions sometimes!

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Google question! I will give points to whoever gives me the right answer first!?

I have a operating systems question about first fit algorithms?

If the first available block is too small, the next block is tried, until a good one is found or there are no more blocks. If the allocator runs out of blocks, it fails to allocate (malloc: returns... Read More »

I want my website on first page and first line of google?

You must do several things.1. Make sure you have named your page titles close to what people would search for. Like if someone is selling fake (gag) lottery tickets, they would name each page Fake ... Read More »

First question: gettin braces 2nd question...?

my 13 year old daughter got braces recently and all her friends told her that it would hurt but they actually didn't hurt. She loves them. Yes you will have to wear a retainer after wards for yea... Read More »