If u have a facebook try this trick and let me know if it works?

Answer Swwwwweeeeeet!

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"Your cell phone's name" Anyone know how this works?

What is essentially happening is the same as "tagging" someone in a status or comment. Instead of using a name it uses the profile ID numbers and doesn't follow through with the actual tag because ... Read More »

People who know more about breastfeeding than me - is this correct Some girl said this on facebook?

well, she's sorta right. it's true that formula has come a long way and it's true that formula is better than cow's milk, but breast milk is undeniably the best thing you can give your baby -- even... Read More »

Iv been told to eat curry at the end of my pregnancy to bring on labour. Any one know why or how this works?

I found this free give away website and I don't know if it works?

I too, cannot access this supposed website but I found this relevant forum post: a facebook user describes their facebook account sending... Read More »