If u cant take paracetamol what else would work to get rid of a headache?

Answer Headaches can also be caused by dehydration, low blood sugar or lack of sleep.So have a big drink of water, a light snack and lie down for a hour - hopefully you'll feel better when you get up! x

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If I take an anti-inflammatory that lasts for 24 hrs is it ok if I take something else if I get a headache?

Take an anti-flammatory suppository and depository it.

I got a banging headache.... No paracetamol to hand.... Any remedies?

find the pulse in your temple and gently rest your ring finger on it, close your eyes and forget the world in meditation, be silent at the same time, hope you feel better soon babe

Fast and effective way to get rid of a headache Apart from Paracetamol?

Depends what's causing your headache. Couple things to try:1. Plenty of water (though this is better for prevention than cure).2. Persistant dull headaches can be caused by tension in the muscle... Read More »

How can i get rid of a constant pressure headache i have every day without paracetamol/aspirin?

Do you drink enough water? ie; not coffee or tea.I get something similar and it seems to indicate that I'm dehydrated.