If two individuals co-habitat but are not legally married could they still receive a discounted married rate on car insurance?

Answer Answer In many states a couple living together can publicly declare themselves as married under common-law marriage laws. If you do this then you should be able to receive whatever benefits are af... Read More »

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If you are pregnant but getting married will your husband's insurance cover the pregnancy after you get married?

AnswerYes, if it's a Employer Group plan.Can a preexisting condition exclusion be applied to my coverage because I'm pregnant?No. Pregnancy can never be subject to a preexisting condition exclusion... Read More »

Can someone legally get married without the woman changing her last name?

Whether a woman changes her last name has no bearing upon the legality of a marriage. The concept of women retaining their maiden names began during the 1850s when a woman who lobbied for women's v... Read More »

What is legally required for a woman to change her last name when she gets married?

After marrying, many women choose to change their last name. To do so, you must obtain a certified copy of your marriage license. This copy will have a raised seal. Take the marriage license and a... Read More »

If you are married at 18 and your husband is 21 can you get in a club and drink legally?

Yes. The spouse that is of age (21) he/she becomes the legal guardian of the younger spouse. I have been in the bar business for 15yrs as a bartender/manager. But you must have picture ID with sa... Read More »