If this makes you smile once or more, please can I have a star?

Answer Haha this is cute. I shall give you a star. :)

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Once more, star if you're here!?

BQ: Which one am I suspose to be in? YesSir? lol*EDIT* I forgot that I recruited for the Navy SIR! (gotta get into character);…^^^^ that's proof

Can you star this question please i have no stars?

theres a star sweetie that puppy is friggen cute!!!!

MJ Fans. Star if you like this vid. It made me smile when I was feeling sad :)?

Awwww - I love the video clips so much! I laughed so hard when they made his hat into an ice cream sundae - and of course, that Michael Jackson English accent was a classic. Thank you so much for... Read More »

I have played the game Thompson and touch on my lg cookie but when i try to unlock the games it says i have not collected any star do you know why this is please help?