If there is truth in wine, what does that suggest for mescaline?

Answer Mescalito is bona fide.

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I have a wine fermenting barrel that i can connect a tap to with the tap there is a rubber seal ring does this?

outsideThe nut would twist the ring if it were inside

Does a wine that cost $ 50 make it any better then a wine for $5 a bottle?

In general, YES.It has to do with how the grape is grown and how the wine is made. Price of the wine (from the winery's recommended price) is not a matter of how rare it is or good it taste; it i... Read More »

Is there any truth to the rumour that most computer viruses are planted by Apple/Mac users?

I always though that the viruses were all created by the creators. May it be apple/mac or hewlett packard or whatever the name of the industry. Makes perfect sense to me why they do it. So they can... Read More »

Are there things to suggest that nasa faked the moon landings?

No, in fact just the opposite. I am posting some links for you that explain the things that make some people think so.