If there is a Bluetooth why not a Redtooth?

Answer The Bluetooth was created after the Redtooth Leader lost circulation to its teeth. The Redtooth population decided it needed to be the same as their leader, so they all also cut off circulation to ... Read More »

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Is there bluetooth on the iPhone 4S?

Yes, the iPhone 4S supports bluetooth and related Bluetooth accessories.

Is there bluetooth on the iPhone 3g?

Is there bluetooth in the iPhone 4?

yes, there is and you should note that apple gives you details how to run all the bluetooth properly, but not all of the bluetooth works right with iphone 4, occasionally you buy a bluetooth add-on... Read More »

Is there a good bluetooth wireless mouse for the MacBook?

Mac is easier to use, but there are some things, software, hardware, etc. Apple makes good components, if you want a diffrent mouse, get with Mac, they will have what is compatable with a MAC. If... Read More »