3 boxes of equal fruits,apple,orange and pears.take away 38 pears and some apples and oranges, you are left?

Answer This is not a preschool question. Try putting it in "homework help"; you may find those who can answer your question.

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Do hedge apples keep spiders away?

Osage orange fruit, commonly referred to as hedge apples, have not been scientifically proven to keep spiders away. In fact, spiders have been seen living in osage orange trees as well as building ... Read More »

Is there any policy in the army stating that they can take your block leave away before deployment?

There is a policy that gives Commanders the right to do what is in the best interest of their unit and the mission. Sometimes that involves making difficult choices. I served in the Army for more t... Read More »

If a pet shop closed down, then reopened 3 months later as a Chinese take away, would you eat from there?

Now these are the kind of questions I like!!!Tha' one's that make you Not if I knew that previously. If I ate there and found out later... I would probably sto... Read More »

I have a bruise on my head. How long does it take to go away?

Figure about 1 day per millimeter wide. Assuming you are not on blood thinners.