If the wind speed is twenty mph&the temperature is five degrees fahrenheit what is the wind chill?

Answer According to the National Weather Service, if the wind speed is 20 mph and the temperature is 5 degrees F, the wind chill would be -15 degrees F. Wind chill measures how the air temperature combine... Read More »

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What is the chill factor if the temperature is 15 degrees&the wind speed is 30mph?

The wind chill factor if the temperature is 15 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind speed is 30 miles per hour is -5 degrees. At this chill, frostbite can occur in 30 minutes.References:Weatherimages.or... Read More »

Which affects evaporation the most: air temperature, water temperature or wind speed?

Evaporation occurs when water goes from a liquid state to a gaseous state. Air temperature, water temperature and wind speed all affect evaporation. The rate of the evaporation and which factor aff... Read More »

How many 3000 watt pizza ovens can be preheated to 300 degrees using one 50 foot diameter wind turbine assuming 15 mph wind speed?

If the wind speed doubles what happens to the theoretical wind power?

When wind speed doubles, the theoretical wind power increases by eight times. This is because wind power is determined by the equation "P = 0.5 x rho x A x V^3". Where A is the size of the turbine... Read More »