If the radial artery(pure veins) cuts off how severe it can be?

Answer Very severe...Good luck!

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Toshiba's HD DVD price cuts Brilliant Or like cuts on Betamax before it died?

It is specifically because its a dying/dead format.This years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) started with the surprise announcement by movie giant Warner Bros. that they would no longer support To... Read More »

What is a radial arm saw used for?

A radial saw is similar to a hand-held circular saw but is attached to a pivoting arm, creating a stationary yet pivotal workplace. It is used to cut various thicknesses of wood and other items inc... Read More »

What is a radial saw?

A radial saw, also called a radial arm saw, has a motor that operates the saw, and it is attached to an arm that sits above the cutting surface. Radial saws allow the user to move the blade rather ... Read More »

What is a radial tire?

Radial tires are those that use a particular style of inner-tire reinforcement. Radial tires are the standard tires made today and were first made commercially in the 1940s.BasicsA tire consists of... Read More »