If the name on your social security card is different from your birth certificate will that prevent you or cause any complications in you getting your permit in Texas?

Answer Answer If your talking about the omission of an initial then that shouldnt. If your talking that the name is  completely different then yes there will be a problem. Usually a social security card... Read More »

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How to Get Copies of a Birth Certificate & Social Security?

A birth certificate and social security card are vital documents. A birth certificate is proof that you are a citizen and along with your social security card, both are necessary in order to get a ... Read More »

Is a parent's Social Security number on a birth certificate?

While the individual items included on the birth certificate vary from state to state, federal law requires the disclosure of Social Security numbers from both parents when the parentage is disclos... Read More »

Can a child receive social security if the man didnt sign the birth certificate sign?

How do I get a Texas birth certificate?

Visit the Texas Vital Statics OfficeVisit the Texas Vital Statistics office at 1100 West 49th Street in Austin. Present a photo identification such as a driver's license and pay the $22 fee (the am... Read More »