If the mind can affect healing, can it, with the right focus, heal anything?

Answer I believe it can. But not with the right focus, with the They are now growing body parts in labs. What is now impossible will soon be the norm. It's the mind + faith that set out to ... Read More »

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What are the best methods to use for healing a disorganized mind?

Try to develop a simple filing system (Things to Do, Things to Read, etc.) and keep a checklist or diary that you make sure to list all the things you need to do in. You might even get yourself an... Read More »

How long does it take for a dental extraction to heal How can I tell if it is healing properly?

go to a biologic dentist and have the cavitation done. if you need a list of sites to find one, email me. EXTRACTIONS Extractions have to be done well. Normally they pull a tooth out, stick a pie... Read More »

How do I heal myself with my mind?…I viewed the above link regarding brain surgery and what others have doneI sort of know what you are speaking of. However I have not had brain surgery. Bu... Read More »

Is it possible to heal with your mind?

having a medically-oriented mind, i would have to say impossible, would have to see something like that to believe it