If the fundus measures bigger than gestational weeks what does this mean?

Answer Answer Your fundal size is just the size of your uterus measured from your pelvic bone. It is just an estimate for when you cannot actually "see" the baby. You increase your fundus size in a mea... Read More »

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What does it mean if your fundus measurement is higher than the number of weeks you are?

AnswerHi!I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant, according to my LMP (and ultrasound). But when I saw my doctor today, she told me my fundus measurement was slightly larger than 29 weeks. (It actually mea... Read More »

What does it mean when the baby is measuring three weeks bigger than he should?

I had gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy and when they first found out they did a sono and told me the same thing...but when i had him he was only 5lbs 10oz, They told me sometimes measur... Read More »

Im 32 weeks pregnant and measuring 34 what does this mean?

Your uterus is measuring 34 weeks. My daughter is 39 weeks but measuring 40 weeks by her uterus. When he measures your stomach he is measuring your uterus. does this mean I should be worried? Or th... Read More »

One of my testicles are bigger than the other two....any ideas what this is?