If the father smokes weed at time conception does it affect the baby?

Answer I honestly don't think that would matter. That would not make a difference, but if it was the mother smoking during the pregnancy it would certainly affect the baby. Not during conception though. T... Read More »

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I have just had a baby iam separated from the father iam caring for my son full time and receive government pension can the father just come and take my son and is there anything i can do to stop that?

Answer If the couple are married then both have equal parental rights.If the couple are not married many state courts will require paternity to be established even though the presumed father has s... Read More »

If the father has moved out of the state and has not spent much time with the baby can the mother give custody to her parents if she gets in trouble with the law without the father knowing or consent?

Answer If the father is paying child support then he has some rights and if he doesn't and there is no court document then you don't have to comply to his wishes. However, if he is not living in a... Read More »

My boyfriend smokes weed...?

well how old is he? if you guys are still young it's something that he very possibly will grow out of. but keep in mind, if you're a teenager it really doesn't matter. it's very rare for relationsh... Read More »


Since you are long distance he might have been slowly drifting away from you, this happened when I had a long distance relationship. He is probably spending more time with his friends so they are a... Read More »