If the father does not sign the birth certificate because the baby does not keep his last name does he still have the responsibility to pay child support?

Answer Yes he does. The mother can request a court-ordered paternity test. If the test is positive then the court will issue a child support order and the father can request a visitation order as well.

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If you sign birth certificate do you have to pay child support if later you are found to not be the father?

No. However, if the alleged father has signed the birth certificate, he is acknowledging that the child is his. There are steps to take in order to be taken off of the birth certificate and relieve... Read More »

How can you put your name on the baby's birth certificate if you're not the biological father but want to take responsibility for him?

You don't have to be the real father to be on a child's birth certificate. You would just have to sign a paternity affadavit, in which you are assuming all legal responsibilities to that child.You ... Read More »

Can the father of a child be ordered to pay child support if another man's name is listed as father on the birth certificate?

Yes if, e.g., genetic testing establishes that someone other than the man who is listed on the birth certificate is the child's father. Also, in Illinois, the man who signed the birth certificate h... Read More »

Can you take the father's name off the birth certificate if the is not the father but is paying child support?

No, you cannot remove his name from the birth certificate without going to court to prove he is not the father. Legally, he is the father and will be responsible for paying child support until the ... Read More »