If the baby's heartbeat stopped would you still miscarry?

Answer Answer im going though the same thing right now as the doctors said that they couldn't detect a heart beat but they never said that i would miscarry either they just said can i come in for a dnc so... Read More »

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Im pregnant you quit using Oxycontin will it still show up in your babys system?

No, ibuprofen is perfectly safe for you and your baby during pregnancy and even afterwards, as long as you follow the directions on the packaging. Think, what does the hospital give babies when the... Read More »

Stopped Smoking But Still Feel................?

When i gave up smoking the strong urges lasted over a month, i still want to smoke now when i have a drink and i gave up a year ago. After a while it does get a lot easier and most the time i dont ... Read More »

Why would an unborn babys life be in danger if the umbilical cord was damaged?

Yes, because the umbical cord is the source of babys nutrition and circulation.

Can you still breastfeed after you have stopped?

Yes, the same process that can cause a woman who has never breastfed to start producing milk can be used on a woman who has breastfed, Physical stimulation (Pumping/sucking) or hormonal via drugs/... Read More »