If the baby has already dropped when will labor start?

Answer When the baby is ready and sends out hormones that make contractions start

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Im 35 weeks and im 3 cm and 100 effaced when will labor start and should you take castor oil to start it?

You are still a couple weeks off of wanting to have ur baby. If i were you I would wait one more week...i know that sounds like alot but im 2cm dialated 60 percent effaced and 33 weeks and they put... Read More »

If you are already pregnant when an IUD is placed will it hurt the baby?

No Physician should place an IUD while you are pregnant. If you have had one placed and you think you are pregnant, you should notify your physician immediately. There is a very good chance that yo... Read More »

Will labor start soon if you are 35 weeks 5 days and 1 cm dilated and 90 percent effaced and the baby is at -2 pelvic station?

Answer usually not. more likely to in this circumstance if one is having contractions now and then and if it is a first baby.

I had my baby already but im still itchy all over my body when will this go away?

I don't remember ever itching after having any of my children (I have four children), unless you count the time I got hives when my first child was about three months old. I don't think it had anyt... Read More »