If the Coon Chicken Inn would reopen, how many people would eat there?

Answer Ah yes...IFC is showing CSA again aren't they.....No one would be able to get past the lines of people holding up protest signs to get in IMHO>

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I'm cooking a chicken curry for 50 people, how many chicken breasts will I need?

work per portion or per scoop!put two persons per scoop or 1 person per breast

How many pounds of chicken will I need to fix chicken salad sandwiches for 30 people?

Five cups of cooked, diced chicken is required to make 30 servings of chicken salad sandwiches. One pound of raw, skinless, boneless chicken makes 3 cups of cooked chicken. Therefore, 1 lb., 11 oz.... Read More »

Why do people only get chicken pox once?

The virus leaves its prototypes which last too long, and which works as a vaccine too, and also due to the scope of our body to develop strong immunity antidotes too!

Why do people die from chicken pox?

Before a vaccine was invented, 100 to 150 people died every year in the United States from chicken pox. People with compromised immune systems are more likely to suffer serious complications due to... Read More »