If the Chinese could invent fireworks and printing, why couldn't they invent the knife and fork?

Answer I love using chopsticks! And the fork is a relatively new invention. I traveled through China, and after a day or two could eat almost anything I needed to. Appreciate the diversity in the wo... Read More »

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When did the Chinese invent ink?

According to DePaul University, ink was invented around 2700 BC by a Chinese philosopher named Tien-Lcheu. His ink was made using lamp oil and bone ashes. A thin glue that was made from animal hide... Read More »

When did the Chinese invent the umbrella?

The Chinese invented the waterproof umbrella in 2000 BC. Before the Chinese produced waterproof protection from the rain, parasols, or sunshades, had been used for hundreds of years to offer protec... Read More »

When did the Chinese invent kites that could fly?

The Chinese first constructed kites approximately 202 B.C. for military use. A period of peace during the Tang Dynasty saw kites graduate into a form of entertainment. Around the 12th century, the ... Read More »

Did Chinese invent headphones?

In my research I have found that Hearos HiFi's are re-labeled ER-20's.