If teeth aren't bones, how do you take xrays of them?

Answer Any thing that has calcium will be shown by x-ray! Teeth are not bones but they absorb the xray and look white and dense! Also if someone has a stone in his gallbladder,bladder or kidney it will be... Read More »

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Why are teeth not bones?

Are teeth really just protruding bones?

Not really. Yes, both bones and teeth depend on calcium for structure, but the similarity ends there.Most importantly, damaged bone will regenerate; damaged teeth will not.

How Are Strong Teeth & Bones Good for You?

Strong teeth and bones are an indication of good overall health. The body will not operate as efficiently as it could with bones and teeth that are unhealthy and lacking in nutrients. A balanced di... Read More »

When are xrays okay to take when pregnant?

Xrays generally safe in pregnancy The long answer has to do with the amount of potentially damaging radiation a fetus receives and varies widely depending on how many weeks pregnant one is and what... Read More »