If something gets stuck in your throat, can you breathe with your nose?

Answer No but you can with your penis

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Does everyone with throat cancer have to breathe through those throat tubes Is it only caused by smoking?

There is no such thing as throat cancer and those are not breathing tubes. Unless you mean when someone is in the hospital and they are intubated. If you have a laryngectomy you cannot speak so tho... Read More »

Do turtles breathe through their nose?

Turtles have lungs that allow them to breathe oxygen. Some turtles bring water in through their nasal passages where the oxygen is separated. Other turtles bring water in through their anal passage... Read More »

Can food get stuck in your wind pipe and still allow you to breathe normally?

if food is in your windpipe to lungs you would be coughing like crazywhat you feed is food stuck in esophogus. drink some water to wash it down.

Shouldni be using my nose to breathe instead of mouth?

Its not a disease, I have been a mouth breather for 17 years. I personally do it because i feel like i get moire air that way when i breathe. So its not a disease and the dry mouth is because of th... Read More »