If someone who was your friend on facebook changed you to limited profile viee?

Answer it would change like a normal limited profile, and you wont be able to see stuff that you saw before.

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How do you put someone of Limited Profile on Facebook?

Add them to your restriction list, then they can only see your public stuffs only

If you are restricted from a friend on facebook can they still view your profile?

I was actually thinking that if you restricted someone from your activities, they would be able to go to your profile, but your profile would be blank to them. :l

How to Edit the Settings on a Limited Profile on Facebook?

A limited profile is an option for someone who does not want to share personal information with Facebook friends. A Facebook user may choose a limited profile for security reasons or professional r... Read More »

Why is Facebook charging $0.28 to send message to someone who is not your friend?

Since the girl is not your friend, you CAN send her a message for free, but the message will go to her "Other" folder. If you want to send the message to her "Inbox" folder, you will have to pay so... Read More »