If someone wanted to, couldn't they just delete all the wikipedia pages?

Answer Besides the automatic and manual means of reverting mass page blankings (abuse filter, anti-vandalism bots, and editors monitoring "Recent changes" and watchlists and related changes) there is an a... Read More »

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If you wanted a 'wikipedia' answer... wouldn't you just go to wikipedia...?

i agree wholeheartedly, someone asked a question "who remembers this famous show" and i answered it cause i remembered it and said about some of my memories from the show, but best answer went to t... Read More »

Who writes those wonderful pages in wikipedia How do they get time?

peopele wrte the articles....people who have TOO much time on their hands!

Could someone delete this page

no one here can delete pages on facebook - all you can do it report it, and if facebook agrees that it is abusive, they will delete itif they disagree, there is nothing you can do about it except j... Read More »

Should I buy a polaroid camera like I've always wanted, or just let it go since they will stop manufacturing?

Hey kelsey, in my opinion, if you feel strongly enough about persuing something, you should go for it. I've been wanted a nikon d40 for months, and i thought that it was really expensive, but in th... Read More »